CASINO by FITZ  Glossary


Borgata Buster Ace/Jack, Marc loses tourney if he is all-in with this hand (2009)

CBF Tournament of Champions:  Tourney where only Champions are invited, Past winners; Nick (2005) Flo (2007) Stripped of title, Matt (2008)

E Su: 10/7, Eric S favorite hand (2002)

Fitz: Owner and Operator of Casino by FITZ

Garage Poker:  Frenchy’s  Cash game (2008)

Giddy Up: Tran’s response to locking up a seat (2009)

Got em Coach:  Davey  knocked someone out of the game. (2010)

Gunshot: Amateur way of saying GUTSHOT (originated by Derrick.  2009)                                                 “when I called I had a GUNSHOT”

Mike Su: 6/9, Mike S favorite hand (2002)

Neutral Chip: A Rebuy/Add-on chip that has no value until exchanged for tournament chips  (Fitz 2007)

Poker House:  Home of the Original longest home game (1999)

Scary Larry Tournament:  Annual  Major tournament…Scary Larry Trophy is up for grabs                            Past winners Tracy/Mariana (2008) Fitz (2009) Tracy/Elaine (2010) Hydro (2011)

The Borgata: 7/6 suited, Marc L Favorite hand (2008)

The Courtney: J/7, Courtney plays it 95% of the time he gets it … and wins (2003)

The Imposter: A/Q, It’s not quite ACE/KING (originated by Mike Su.  (2002)

The Mirage: A/K, Makes you think you are going to win (originated by Mike Su.  2002)

ShenaniHand:  The last hand before a break in a Poker tournament. (originated by Mikey.  2002)

Trick Card: A Jack,  a Jack tricks you into thinking you have a good hand                                              Double Trick: J/J,  Out tricks the trick card (originated by Mikey.  2002)

Value Check: Not really sure what it means  (originated by Alex.  2009)                                                  “That was a good VALUE CHECK”

Vegas Hand” 10/9, Borgota and Fitz played BIG hands SEVERAL times during a Vegas trip (2010)



Borgata: Marc L for playing a marathon at the Borgota (originated by Matt.  2008)

The Gooch:  Eric S , Stole Mike S blinds in the early days (originated by Mike S. 2002)

Frenchy:  Matt (from France) (originated by Fitz 2008)

Lying Jason: Claimed he folded nut hand every time…after the fact (originated by Fitz 2007)

Chef:  Claimed he was a chef (originated by Fitz 2008)

Hydro: Dave, originally for hydroponics, then he dehydrated and passed out  originated by Fitz (2009)

Howie Time: Howard (originated by Fitz 2005)

Eddie “The Wop”: Ed (originated by 2010)

Vato:  Matt (originated by Ed 2009)

East LA Matt: Matt (originated  2004)

Gator: Walter, not because he is aggressive like a gator…                                                                         because he is like a cartoon character… WALLY GATOR (originated by Fitz 2009)

Wisdom:  Nickname given to Walter…by himself (2010)