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CASINO by FITZ Dealer School is dedicated to training individuals for careers in the growing casino industry. The programs offered prepare indiviuals for entry level employment as dealers of Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and other casino games.

CASINO by FITZ, is dedicated to providing every student the finest in classroom and personal training, to ensure that every graduate possesses the knowledge and skills necessary for a qualified casino dealer.

The objective in this program is to produce a confident, employable dealer, proficient in all procedures of in an entry level position.

Poker begins with an orientation of the basic rules and object of the game. We then teach terminology, shuffling the deck, check handling, boxing, pitch and placement of cards, currency and check changing procedures. Finally, we address protection of the game and job interview/audition procedures.

During the course of Poker, students will be trained according to the gaming rules proposed by the California Gaming Commission in the following games: Seven Card Stud, Texas Hold-em and Omaha Hi/Low. Upon completing the course, a thorough understanding of the game in the casino environment is developed.

We have job placement assistance, but we have no job guarantees of any kind. I am as good as my product. If a student puts in the time and effort to become a quality product then they make my job easy.

CASINO by FITZ takes pride in the quality of our graduates.