Casino by Fitz Testimonials

As an older student who didn't catch on quite as quickly as some of the younger students, I have to praise Fitz for his amazing, honest persistence. I didn't think I would be able to do it. He made it possible. I saw others learn everything because he explained it so well, and leave, and get jobs, but he never gave up on me, and as a result, I am now a certified poker dealer, ready for anything that could happen at any poker table at any time. Just like everyone that came in the door between the time I met Fitz and after I graduated. I would also like to add that Fitz is a very conscientious teacher who loves to help eager students earn while they learn. The money that I've made during and since my tenure at Poker by Fitz has paid its tuition in full - and then some. Seth P. 2/14/14


I just wanted to text you and say thank you!  I went to the audition to be a dealer for a tournament and I was so much better than the other girls. It wasn’t even funny lol. Thank you for teaching me to be the best!  I really appreciate all you’ve done.  Best wishes. Happy New Year.  If you ever need a dealer for an event I would love to help out       Janna V.  1/28/2014

Jim is such a great poker teacher! He was flexible with my hours which helped to

get through school fast. He helped me to understand not just how to deal Texas 

Hold’em but also Omaha, Omaha high/lo, and 7 stud. I got live game dealing

practice during training. He helped me book several dealing gigs to help build

my confidence and then got me a poker dealing job in a casino right out of 
school. The work he got me paid for my schooling and armed me for a great future 
in poker. I could never thank Jim enough for what he has done for me!
Erica Taylor 4/13

I started at Casino by Fitz learning how to play the game of poker, but was so intrigued by the dealing aspect that I signed on for courses as a casino dealer. I studied, worked hard and became a certified poker dealer, and it only took me about two months. I learned everything I needed to learn to deal any game at any casino, and have had the opportunity to deal private events in that time. I am a certified dealer and applying for jobs in casinos now. Miranda D. 2/14

 I am extremely happy with the investment I made in attending Fitz's dealing school. I have been around poker my whole life so I considered myself advanced going into this. Fitz taught me things I never even considered sitting at the felt. His dealing technique is flawless and he works around your schedule. You are learning from the absolute best! I am extremely confident that I will land a dealer job in the near future. Do yourself a favor and start your career at Casino by Fitz!

Justin Martinez 7/29/13

 I attended Casino by Fitz Poker School for about 2 months and within days of graduating he got me an interview at the Commerce Casino.  After 3 extensive interviews in which Fitz prepared me for, I was hired.  Fitz is the man, he repeats himself every day to make sure you understand all you need to know to get hired. He always tells you he won’t let you leave his school until you are 100%  ready to get a job.  Do yourself a favor and attain his knowledge to become a top of the line poker dealer.  I highly recommend his schooling.  My interview at the Commerce started out with 400 people only 40 people got hired.  I don’t get hired without Fitz’s knowledge of the game and what he taught me.  Fitz is the BEST!  -  Cody Springer

I am beyond satisfied with how Jim runs his poker school. His teaching methods have helped and prepared me for any tough situations. I was hired within two weeks of completing Jim's poker school. As of April 2013, I've been hired at Hawaiian Gardens Casino for 7 months now. I've already been promoted to deal the highest limits (Top Section). Thank you Jim for working around my schedule and my convenience. You won't find one on one training sessions anywhere.
Michael J. De La Garza 2/13
I was very pleased with the services Jim provided with this school. He worked around my schedule to make sure I got the full amount of schooling needed to deal poker, and to get me through the school as quickly as possible. He was also able to get me hired at Hollywood Park Casino immediately after finishing the course. And not only that, but I was easily one of the top dealers during my training at Hollywood Park Casino.
Thanks Jim!  Michael Davis
Casino by Fitz Dealer School was a great fun learning experience! Fitz teaches everything you need to know about becoming a professional poker dealer.
Best teacher in LA!
Astrig H. 5/13